1, the customer asks for the demand (including the sample version)
2. My factory and customers make initial communication on product materials, process, price, delivery time, etc.
3, pick the new favorite, come in to communicate on the number of custom, price, delivery, etc.
4. The client entrusts my factory to make a sample version; both parties confirm the sample (signature/storage sample)
5. The two parties sign the contract; the customer pays the deposit
6. Our factory completes material procurement, mold opening, etc., first produces large samples and compares the customer signature samples (sometimes need to be confirmed by the customer); QC department quality control staff in our factory go to the workshop to supervise and inspect; customers can also send staff Go to my factory workshop for supervision and inspection; the two sides maintain communication and timely reflect and resolve all matters that need to be resolved through negotiation between the two parties in the production process.
7. Our factory will inform the customer to send the factory to our factory for inspection 2-3 days before the order is completed but not officially packaged. The sample will be taken as the sample and the sampling method will be adopted.
8. After the customer inspects the product, the delivery balance is arranged; the factory assists the customer in handling the freight procedures including customs declaration, shipping, etc.; the customer can also send the car to my factory to pick up the goods.
9. Within 7-15 days after the order is delivered, our customer service personnel will return to the customer to communicate on the delivery of the order, strengthen and consolidate the cooperation relationship between the two parties.

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